MIMAT was created in 2008 by Cailin C E Mackenzie PhD to provide communications training and advice to NGOs and academics. It arose as a result of her experience in trade union, NGO and academic environments where she noted recurring problems with strategic thinking and communication for people whose expertise was beyond question but whose message delivery was ineffective and sometimes damaging.

MIMAT recognises that each individual's personality will inform their work, and their approach to communication, but even the shyest quietest person can be an effective speaker, and the noisiest person can listen well. Helping people see the variety of ways they can communicate ensures effective advocacy strategies, and improves individuals' confidence.

The consultancy and the services provided under the MIMAT umbrella are premised on a belief that the complicated can be distilled into simple understandable practices that everyone can adopt and adapt to their needs and capacities. By thinking things through at the start of a process and by using one's own knowledge and expertise within a clear but flexible framework, anything is possible.

For further information please contact:

Dr Cailin C E Mackenzie
Nothombstraat 81
1040 Etterbeek
+32 (0)2 640 4816 or +32 (0)473 458 069